Host A Fellow

Field partner organization (FPO) or the fellow’s host organization plays a very important role in providing exposure to India Fellows. As a part of the program, fellows spend 12 months working full time with the FPOs.

We are looking for a range of field partners in size, scope of work, and mission focus. These can include small grassroots organizations, medium size enterprises and big NGOs as well. Our current pool of host organizations identify the critical need of investing in grooming the country’s youth, They have taken part in the responsibility of providing India Fellows with hands on grassroots experience; in the process they also get a young and motivated fellow in their team for a considerable duration bringing in fresh perspective and thinking.

To view our current cohort’s partners – click here.

Eligibility Criteria & Costs:

  1. Design a specific work area for the fellow with considerable scope of engaging directly with the community through field action while contributing to the organization with his/her skills
  2. Provide assistance to fellow in the initial days on organizational perspectives and development, preferably a senior member in the organization who can empathize with the capacity building needs of a motivated young individual to mentor him/her
  3. Provide a stipend of Rs. 16,000 per month to the fellow. Organizations hosting fellows in metropolitan area will need to provide an additional housing allowance of Rs. 4,000 per month or alternately provide accommodation to the fellow
  4. The assignment duration is of a year (12 complete months from the start date onward). During this, the fellow will take mandatory leave from work  for 2 weeks for the midpoint training as part of their fellowship learning design
  5. Participate in ‘fellow-organization experience review’ (3 way between host organization, fellow and program team) twice during the fellowship duration

To initiate a conversation for hosting a fellow, please send an email to