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Current Cohort

Behtar Bachpan

Our fellows working in education and child rights

  • Karthik Yadhati
    Karthik Yadhati
    28 years
    Quest Alliance, Samastipur, Bihar
    Master in Mechanical Engineering
    3 years of work in product manufacturing
  • Mohammad Azhruddin
    Mohammad Azhruddin
    21 years
    Shiksharth, Sukma, Chattisgarh
    Bachelor in Arts
    Interned with non-profit organizations
  • Aditi Tulsyan
    Aditi Tulsyan
    26 years
    i-Saksham, Jamui, Bihar
    Master in Law (Human Rights)
    Internships with non-profit organizations


  • Muskan Upadhyay
    Muskan Upadhyay
    21 years
    I Do Movement, Adilabad, Telangana
    Bachelor in Journalism and Comm.
    Internships in media
  • Goutam Nair
    Goutam Nair
    23 years
    I Do Movement, Adilabad, Telangana
    Master in Local Governance
    Internship alongside studies


Swasthya Aur Sudhaar

Our fellows working in healthcare and reform programs

Aajeevika aur Udyog

Our fellows working towards better livelihoods and enterprise development

  • Shorya Vaidwan
    Shorya Vaidwan
    21 years
    Shramik Bharti, Kanpur Dehat
    Bachelor in Physical Science
    Internship in policy research
  • Nikhil Kanakamedala
    Nikhil Kanakamedala
    25 years
    Centre For Social Action, Raigad
    Btech in Elec. and Instrumentation
    3+ years in sales and business development


  • Sanra Shaw
    Sanra Shaw
    26 years
    Chaitanya, Rajgurunagar, Pune
    Master in Political Science
    Internships in corporates and non-profit
  • Prerna Nijhawan
    Prerna Nijhawan
    25 years
    Aajeevika Bureau, Banswara, Rajasthan
    Bachelor in Architecture
    2+ years of work in design and architecture
  • Mohammad Sayeed
    Mohammad Sayeed
    23 years
    Aajeevika Bureau, Surat
    B.Tech in Electronics & Telecomm.
    1.5 years of work as software developer


Eksamaanta aur Adhikaar

Our fellows working for human rights and social inclusion

Sanchaar se Badlaav

Our fellows working through communications for social change

  • Rupali Joshi
    Rupali Joshi
    24 years
    Tamarind Tree, Maharashtra
    Bachelor in Design
    1.5 years of work in graphics and design


  • Shubham Mishra
    Shubham Mishra
    26 years
    Waste Warriors, Dehradun
    Master in Social Work
    1 year of work in non-profit projects
  • Jaya Hariyani
    Jaya Hariyani
    23 years
    Waste Warriors, Dehradun
    Bachelor in Architecture
    Internships alongside studies
  • Abhishek Likam
    Abhishek Likam
    26 years
    CHIRAG, Uttarakhand
    Bachelor in Aeronautical Engineering
    4+ years in manufacturing and operations
  • Rajat Charantharayil
    Rajat Charantharayil
    28 years
    CHIRAG, Uttarakhand
    Master in Climate Change and Sustainability
    4+ years in research and communication


Oorja aur Paryavaran

Our fellows working on sustainable environment and energy conservation