Conference Of Failures

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Failure, whether we like it or not, is an important milestone in our lives. It awards its own conversations and discussions. In the world we live in, success is celebrated while failure is often not mentioned, except to ridicule. But let’s think about this- it is only logical that great success will have many trials and errors. These experiments, trials and errors are what we would like to discuss, to compare and to learn from. FailKaun is our attempt to ask:

  • What is failure?
  • Who is considered a failure?
  • How does failure happen?
  • When do we decide that something is a failure?
  • What are the tenets of failure?

We, at India Fellow, hope to open up discussions around it so that people coming for the conference come with a mind-set to see failure beyond ridicule and frustration. They accept failure as a part of life, and in this acknowledgement also learn to come out and discuss it openly for everyone to gain from. Let’s change the discourse on failure together!