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Somewhere Along The Way In A Village

We live in a world where the rat race keeps growing faster and faster. From the hustle and bustle of life to tasty road side food. The noisy traffic and the work rush hours in the city. This is the day to day life of a person from Mumbai, for a person like I am. We all enjoy this side of life and proudly talk about it. A usual day starts at 5am and ends at 11pm in order to earn a living. But somewhere deep inside, we all crave for that peace and serenity away from the busy city schedule which lacks in our daily life. This is something we find within nature.

I set out on an adventure to visit a small, secluded village called Kherwara, 80kms away from Udaipur city. It consists of a few families living together. Caste discrimination was surely not prevalent as they would attend each other’s celebrations and even dine together. Water pumps were common to all in the village. It opened my eyes to a different side of life undiscovered. If ever I were given the opportunity to describe heaven, this vivid image of the village would be the best way. The gigantic mountains overlapping each other, a riverbank filled with various shapes, sizes and texture pebble stones on either side and with the muddy cloudy stream flowing through was worth the trek up. The various shades of green grass with a bed of blooming red and white flowers that stretched all along.

A rugged old man stood in the flowing river along with his son trying to lay out his nets and hoping to get a sufficient catch to feed his family. One sight worth capturing was kids splashing in the water with a smile that spoke a thousand words and enjoying the simple joys of life. There was a stoned built bridge stretched over the river for the people to cross from one side to another. It depicted how every problem in life has a solution. A clear blue sky lit up the hills and gave depth to the valleys. The cattle collectively grazed on green pastures as the shepherd had an expression of contentment as he guided them through the tricky mountain terrain. A few kids tossed around stones into the river and tried their best maximize the bounces. Another image that caught my attention was a small old dilapidated house on the top of a hill. It looked like a dream house I wished to have one day. That was the moment I wondered what life must be to live all alone in the middle of the wilderness and still be able to keep a smile on one’s face.

In the past, I have been to villages a couple of times but this time the entire picture seemed so different and unique. It gave me a sense of oneness with nature and moreover to the outside world. My Idea of village life differed to a great extent compared to what I could see before my eyes. Although dressed in torn and tattered clothes with not much direction in life, I could still see the happiness and content on the faces of the villagers. While life seemed a struggle for me with all the amenities and luxuries back in the city life, it seemed perfect for the villagers. After interacting with a few of them, one amongst them exclaimed, “we are happy with the little we have. We grow our food in our fields which sustains us as we go along the journey of life. Our kids go to the local school and hopefully one day will go to work in the big cities.” He also spoke about their strong faith in God and how their problems that came their way were taken care by the almighty above.

I then realized how we try so hard to figure out a solution to all problems in life when we can just trust in the one above and things will fall into place. These were insights with which I was taken aback with. We often have the notion that village people are poor and live hand to mouth but this time it proved me wrong. They had enough to earn a livelihood and be happy with the way of life. They were not greedy or grumble about the little they possessed but lived life as it came. There’s a lot to learn from the small towns in our country. It’s the way and approach we look towards life that will determine the outcome. Being humble and kind is more valuable than being rich and content. Life should be viewed through different lenses in order to understand the crux of it all.  Time is short and so is life. Make efforts to take it one day at a time and live for the moment. Life has its ups and downs and riding the wave is what matters the most.

Garryn Mascarenhas

Garryn Mascarenhas, 26 years, Masters in Events Management. Worked for 3 years in various event management setups. Fellow at Manndeshi Tarang Vahini, Mhaswad, Maharashtra supporting the functioning of a community radio station, which helps bring voice and awareness in the community.

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  1. This is a good first blog! What i will like to read in the next is more about your learing and direct field stories, since you are in a very interesting region in terms of culture. Looking forward …

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