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How An NGO In Mumbai Helps School Dropouts To Build Their Skills

In my last blog, I talked about the Demographic Dividend/Liability in India and the need to provide skills to the youth who could not complete their education or aren’t competent enough to get a job in the market. Apart from the government, there are various NGOs that are working in the area of skill development/vocational training and Yuva Parivartan is one of them, the organization that I have been working with since last 3 months.

Yuva Parivartan (YP) is a project under Kherwadi Social Welfare Association that primarily caters to the school dropouts by helping them become economically independent through skill training. It has various models designed to reach out to the maximum number of deprived youths across the country.

YP has its own centers known as LDCs – Livelihood Development Centres across various cities throughout the country where they have a classroom setup. They also organize various MLDCs – Mobile Livelihood Development Centres for rural setups where they temporarily conduct their camps for a month. The courses are chosen basis the livelihood opportunities available in that locality/ area. They have courses like beautician, tailoring, mobile repairing, motor mechanic, retail, hospitality etc. During the training, major emphasis is put on practical learning for better understanding. After completing the course, they help students to prepare for interviews and get a job.

Currently, the biggest challenge that the organization is facing is to get the students continue in their jobs after placement. After a few months of work, they often leave their jobs. Major reason that was found was that they are not used to of working daily, putting in so much of effort in traveling and wait for the salary till the end of the month specially when they have easier alternatives of surviving on their parent’s money or earn for a day’s expense through petty or illegal jobs. One other reason is that they expect too much. They often don’t understand that they will have to start small and then climb up the ladder to earn more. There are a few of the alumni of Yuva Parivartan who are now earning more than Rs. 18,000 a month.

To fight with the problem of changing the way these students think, perceive and lead their lives, Yuva Parivartan has designed a module called “Soch Ka Parivartan” where students are taught life skills which includes confidence building, goal setting, motivational stories etc which gives them a different point of view. They are taught something which they hardly ever get a chance to see or understand around themselves due to lack of awareness or exposure.

Yuva Parivartan is doing what it can in order to contribute to nation building and being a part of such a big organization is my luck. There is a lot to learn and understand here and to get a bigger picture of what and how the jobs, skills and population composition can affect the future of our country.

Nitika Sangal

2016 fellow, placed with Yuva Parivartan in Mumbai as part of her fellowship. Working on youth empowerment through skill and entrepreneurship development.

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