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A Reflection On Personal Beliefs

After a messy break up and a distant sibling relationship, I started to realize the value of strong bonds in my life. Up until 19 years of age, having a healthy connect with people was not a priority in my life. It hasn’t been the least important either. Now, my idea of a content life is to have relationships forged with love. In my opinion, every being needs a loving relation to feed their emotional needs. Having a companion in the form of a sibling, parent, friend or a partner is somewhat important for a joyful life. In fact, one of the most effective ways of having a lasting impact on someone is to have a relationship with them. I feel comfort and relief by sharing my experiences, ideologies and beliefs with the people I love. It acts as a channel for me to share a part of myself with someone. Vice versa, it also gives me a chance to experience others wholly; something I enjoy quite a bit.

While sharing stories of turning points and milestones in their lives, one of the things I observed was that most people either spoke about having a friend or a companion at some point in their lives or going through phases bitter relationships. In both cases, it impacted them at a deeper level and has clearly been a part of their lives ever since. Forging a relationship was an important part of their lives and they considered it meaningful enough to share it with everyone.

Being born and brought up in a metropolitan city, I was exposed to a huge variety of people and lifestyles. Having access to a lot of foreign cinema also had a bit of western influence on me. To some extent, since high school, I knew that I only had to get into a course or a career if I really liked it, and I had time to explore. I did not need to chase stability. I always try to talk my peers out of taking up a job or a course under pressure. I try my best to help them find their own ways, even though I haven’t found mine.

I always knew that people from different parts of the country might not have the same exposure I did. One thing I realised (to some extent) was that in order to fully find their ways they needed to have that stability in their lives first. They needed to see and experience it for themselves that this stability might not be the thing they are after. While I thought that people could do better if they don’t give into such temptations, it actually just might be what they need to do first.

This reflective blog was a result of fellows sharing milestones in their lives during India Fellow’s induction training. Simant has reflected on which of his beliefs got strengthened/questioned after hearing his co-fellows stories.

Simant Verma

2016 fellow, placed with Under The Mango Tree in Madhya Pradesh as part of his fellowship. Working on capacity building of beekeepers. He works with people and bees ... and prefers the latter

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  1. I strongly resonate with the first two paragraphs, Simant. Thanks for giving words to what I have been feeling for the past 5 months, which is a strong urge to be with my family and friends.

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