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Life With A Bathtub

My fellowship placement is a complete contrast to what I have been preparing for. To me, the fellowship was going to be a tough uncomfortable experience with negligible amount of urban comforts. But, fortunately or unfortunately, I have been placed in one of India’s richest cities, Ahmedabad. This city has everything that I could ask for and on top of that, my organization’s hostel is a 4BHK flat in the poshest locality of Ahmedabad. Just to give you an idea of the grandness, I have been bestowed with French windows, artistic furniture and most importantly, a Bathtub . Though, I am sharing the room with three of my colleagues, it is quite comfortable here. Most of them come late from office and then, wake up late in the morning. So, I can easily access the ‘me’ space without seeming arrogant.

Between all this, my host organization – Centre For Social Justice(CSJ), is a well-settled organization with people coming from Columbia University, TISS and NLU’s. They kind of know how to deal with new joinees. Treating me well, giving time to settle in, constantly orienting me about CSJ and above all, my mentor is the coolest person around. She works as a consultant in CSJ and thus arrives post lunch with a smile that literally, lights up the whole place.

Now, from the outsider’s viewpoint this seems like a wonderful work opportunity. Well it is, but this a new world. I am accustomed to work with startups. Something peculiar about startups is, they always have a roof falling in. There is a constant pressure to keep working till 2 in the night.  But, here I have so much time to relax. I wake up around 8(courtesy Induction Training). Peacefully, take bath without worrying about electric shocks or water shortage. Prepare a decent cup of coffee, drink it over my favorite newspaper columns. Happily walk up to the office and get tucked in for another day at the office desk. Topped with high speed WiFi and morning tea. All my work, gets completed within office hours and I head back to my humble abode with a bathtub.

Sometimes the comfort is so much that I fear I’ll become lazy. What if I become reluctant to work?

Yatti Soni

2016 fellow, placed with Centre for Social Justice in Ahmedabad, Gujarat as part of her fellowship. Working on setting up the communication cell of the organization that primarily works on human rights of the marginal

5 thoughts on “Life With A Bathtub

  1. Me csj me wark karna chahti hu or apne ap ko train karna h
    India fellow ko age or development karna ……
    Thank you

  2. Wow Yatti, I’m a tad bit jealous about high speed Wi-fi but good to know you’re enjoying the comforts. Always wanted to visit Ahmedabad, have one more reason now 😉

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