The fellowship is a commune and that reflects in our team too. Our super alumni have come back and give the fuel to the engine. Meet the core team behind India Fellow. Click on image to view LinkedIn profile.

rahul-nainwalRahul Nainwal, coFounder is a serial social entrepreneur. In 2001 he cofounded iVolunteer and introduced the concept of formal volunteering in India. He has done pioneering work in placing Indian volunteers across the country as well as overseas (through his intra-venture iVolunteer Overseas in 2004) and international volunteers in India. With the next initiative in 2010, the India Fellow program (called ICICI Fellows – initially supported by the ICICI Foundation) Rahul led the learning component of the then first of its kind fellowship in India. He is also the founder of UnLtd Delhi – a launchpad for social entrepreneurs in Delhi-NCR.

He is an alumnus of Institute of Rural Management IRMA and THNK – The Amsterdam school of creative leadership. His expertise lies in entrepreneurship and design thinking. He also is a marathon runner, a cyclist and avid trekker.

anupama-painAnupama Pain, coFounder and an ICICI Fellow herself has been engaged with the fellowship full time in the transition to its current day form. She has her 4 years in corporate finance consulting, after a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from Mumbai University. She worked for an equal number of years on participatory program design, piloting and dissemination for Self Help Group federations in areas of rural finance, capacity building and pro poor value chains with Chaitanya. Locations included Western Ghats and Vidarbha. She also has experience of setting up an enterprise – FreshFromFarms, which connected farmer groups from rural Pune to urban consumers in Mumbai housing societies.

She is an active volunteer and dabbles with writing and oil on canvas.

nikita-dcruzNikita D’cruz, 2010 Fellow, studied sociology  in Xavier’s in Mumbai. During her fellowship, she worked with Samarthan, in Madhya Pradesh towards participatory governance and advocacy around MNREGA. Post that, she went on to pursue the Young India Fellowship, followed by a Masters in Urban Policy from Tata Institute Of Social Sciences. While she spent some time working with an Affordable Housing company, she is a urban governance activist at heart, having worked with the Jaagore Campaign, Loksatt Andolan and the Aam Aadmi Party in areas of urban reforms and decentralized governance.

Looking for patterns amidst structures and relationships is what she likes doing best. They give her the stories she likes to think and eventually write about. Currently she is full-time engaged in the team with the overall coordination and learning design.

adarshAdarsh is a 2012 Fellow. After completing his graduation in Economics from Mumbai University, during his fellowship, he worked on projects in the tribal rural belts of Koraput in Odisha and Ahmednagar in Maharashtra on governance and education. He worked with Centre for Youth and Social Development and Centre for Learning Resources respectively. Post fellowship he worked with iVolunteer in their Uttarakhand flood relief program to restore livelihoods through enterprise promotion. He now works as the resident permaculturist at the Panchabhuta Conservation Foundation in coastal Karnataka.

His areas of expertise are education and agriculture. He is a part of the core team and a training facilitator. Adarsh also has a keen interest in rock-climbing and slacklining, something he engages with in his free time.

tushar-gargTushar Garg is a 2015 Fellow. A medical doctor by training, the desire to contribute in more meaningful way to the society brought him here. The hospital medicine practiced in tertiary care centres is only a part of the care loop – however is deemed a supreme status which overshadows other vital cogs. Realisation that community needs to be integrated with hospitals to achieve holistic medicine dawned. Tushar continues to work with Innovators in Health in rural Bihar in parallel. There he works with his team on setting up and scaling the maternal and neonatal health program, research to improve Tuberculosis program and deepen understanding of organisation behaviour and building.

His areas of expertise are health and capacity building. He is a part of the core team and a training facilitator. He is also interested in internet culture, gender study, tennis, trivia and his curiosity is infectious.

anveshAnvesh, a 2010 Fellow, is from Warangal and holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering post which he worked as a Senior Systems Engineer for 4 years with Infosys. Parallely he was associated with Aashayein Foundation – Hyderabad chapter. During his fellowship, he worked with Gram Vikas in Ganjam and Kalahandi districts of Odisha primarily on micro hydro projects, watershed, water and sanitation and on a livelihood intervention. Post fellowship, he worked with Dr. Reddy’s Foundation as Deputy Manager – Rural Livelihoods Operations, working for skill development of youth and agriculture extension in Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal.

His areas of expertise are skill development and livelihoods. He is a part of the core team and instrumental to the selection and partnership building processes. Anvesh likes to volunteer for social impact projects and to be a generalist.

The fellowship is ably supported by all of iVolunteer’s team, especially admin, accounting and marketing from across all the 6 cities where they are located.